our covid plan


We are very excited to announce that GLC will be moving back to one service at 10:45am beginning Easter Sunday, April 4th. ABF and Sunday School at 9:30am will launch April 11th.

We know that for some this move might feel long overdue and for others it might feel premature. Unfortunately there is not a singular position on this issue. We have sought to keep the different positions in mind as we plan the next stage for our gatherings. To lovingly serve the most people possible, we will be gathering with these provisions:

  • We will continue to close off every other pew.
  • We will continue to sanitize/disinfect between gatherings (between ABF and the service).
  • We will continue to offer seating upstairs for those who desire greater social distancing.
  • We will begin to offer a “masks required“ section in the auditorium.
  • We will begin to announce an early exit for those social distancing.

We hope that these provisions will help address any concerns and enable us to uphold to our conviction that it is most ideal for a local church to worship together in one service, truly gathering together for God’s glory.

9:30am Classes:

One Adult class, one teen class, two children’s classes (elementary and preschool), and nursery will be offered as long as we have enough volunteers to staff them. Registration will NOT be required for any classes.

Elementary to Adult classes will offer the ability to participate in the class while social distancing. Social distancing is ultimately at your discretion.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Our Sunday service will still be livestreamed at 10:45am on Sundays. You can watch it by going to our livestream page, or you can go to our Facebook page or YouTube channel for our videos. We're glad you've found us and we hope we have served you well.