Who we are

The word GOSPEL means “good news.” In fact, the gospel presented in the Bible is so good we made the word part of our name. The gospel tells us that even though we were sinners, deserve to be punished for our sins, and cannot save ourselves, God sent his Son, Jesus, to die on a cross in our place to pay for our sins. If we trust in Jesus alone to save us, He will. This is the gospel we proclaim! It is the only gospel that gives life.

What does this LIFE look like? Well, this life gives us a new family—God’s family. As a family we GATHER for the GOSPEL throughout week. This life gives us a new identity—a follower of Jesus. As a follower of Jesus we seek to GROW in the GOSPEL through studying and serving together. This life also gives us a new mission—sharing God’s gospel. We desire to GIVE out the GOSPEL because we want everyone to know about the good news of God’s grace in saving sinners.

our mission

Gathering for the Gospel: The Lord is our primary devotion, so we commit to gather with our church to worship our God.

Growing in the Gospel: The church is our primary community for spiritual growth, so we commit to nurture one another in the faith and encourage one another to live out God’s truth in everyday life.

Giving out the Gospel: The proclamation of God’s name is our primary mission, so we commit to evangelize the lost both locally and globally.

core values


The church is a community of diverse people united by the work of Jesus. Our shared lives together are meant to display the life-transforming power of the gospel.


The church is not built by personalities or gimmicks but through the powerful working of the Holy Spirit. Because of this we need to be prayerfully dependent on him as we strive to selflessly serve others.


God is the source of all truth, and he has spoken to us plainly in the Bible. We desire to be a people who consistently hear and apply God’s precious word to our everyday lives.


Every aspect of our lives, not just what we do on Sundays, ought to be an act of worship to the Lord. We were made to see and savor the glory of God.