Systematic Theology Class

Why Systematic Theology?

At GLC we believe the study of theology is a necessary part of the Christian life.

B. B. Warfield described systematic theology as, “The task of thoroughly exploring the pages of revelation, soundly gathering from them their treasures of theological teaching, and carefully fitting these into their due places in a system whereby they may be preserved from misunderstanding, perversion, and misuse, and given a new power to convince the understanding, move the heart, and quicken the will, becomes thus a holy duty to our own and our brothers’ souls as well as an eager pleasure of our intellectual nature.” (B. B. Warfield, The Practical Importance of Systematic Theology, article).

Or more simply stated by John Frame: “theology is the application of Scripture, by persons, to every area of life.” (John M. Frame, Systematic Theology, pg. 8)

We view the Systematic Theology Class as a significant part of connecting the gospel to everyday life