New Community Group Plan

Our church is changing. I truly believe for the better. The way we have currently come together on Sunday’s with a desire to celebrate the gospel and serve one another and the way we recently displayed the gospel and served our community at KidzFest reaffirm our commitment to our God-given mission. These changes have truly made a difference to me.

Another change we need to make is to our community groups. I love the idea of groups meeting in homes across the city. This approach has many positive elements. Yet, it does not appear to be the best approach for our church at the present time.

Rather than borrow a model from another church that seems to be working in their culture or rapidly throw together a program, I would encourage us to simplify our mid-week meetings and allow time for us to understand the changes God has brought to GLC.

So here’s the plan:

Everyone meets together at church on Wednesday nights from Sept 21-Oct 26. We will utilize a simple structure for these six weeks:

Worship together – one or two songs
Study together – 5-10 minutes providing direction to our prayer time
Prayer together – break up into small groups to share and pray about our topic

The study and prayer time will focus on our mission of disciple-making in our current culture.
We’ll talk and pray about how we view our time, what does living obediently in disciple-making look like, distinguishing between gospel-living and consumer-living, how well we know the content of the gospel, how to use the context God has put us in, and what the goal of disciple-making looks like.

Along with our meeting we would like to provide some childcare. At this point childcare will be volunteer-driven, so as long as there are volunteers there will be childcare. Please consider signing up to take a turn in childcare so we can fill all the weeks.
Each week we would need two members to volunteer to provide childcare up to 2 years old.
Two additional members would allow us to provide childcare up to 5 years old.
A sign-up will be available at church.

I am excited about this change. It will be nice to see all your faces again during the week. Maybe you’ll even come to appreciate seeing mine again—we’ll see.
I also am very optimistic that this change will be super helpful. It will not be the same, but I hope we will embrace the different format and reap its benefits as we look to what God might have for us in the future.

Bryan Heller