Mother’s Day Meditation

When Mother’s Day rolls around each year, I often pause and reflect on how my own mother helped shape me into who I am today.  I often think of her tenderness when I was hurt, her discipline when dad was at work (which was a daily occurrence), her support of my dad, never talking poorly about him, her faithfulness in devotions, her work ethic as she tried to keep the house in order, and her softness when I needed a hug.  I also reflect on how my wife is using her gifts as a mother to help shape our children into what we hope they will be.  My wife’s faithfulness has often encouraged me to better fulfill my role as husband and father within our home.

Understanding the importance of motherhood should take our mediation one step further.  It should cause us to look to the God who gave us mothers, and who shows us the same great attributes we find in mothers in a far greater ways.  It should point us to the tenderness, care, discipline and love our heavenly Father has given to us.

This week, may we take a moment to thank God for the moms, mums, mamas, mothers we had, we have, or that we see in our lives.  If you are a mother, thank you for being one.  May you display to this world what God would have you to be in this all-important role!

Jason Boe