Processing the Movie: NOAH

I have not seen the movie and don’t plan to either, so I have been dependent on reviews to know what is going on. And that’s okay, you do not have to experience everything to understand them or make wise choices about them. So, after reading some reviews, mostly negative, a few slightly less negative, and even some teetering on the positive, I read this one by Brian Mattson. From what I had already read on the movie, Mattson’s review makes quite a bit of sense. And I wonder how people could miss the whole serpent skin thing, let alone everything else … but again, I have not seen the movie.

Take a minute and check out the review. Then I would love to hear your take, so please send me a line at

Also, you can check out Irenæus’ Against Heresies here. The introductory note starts on page number 834 (877 pdf). If you are interested in reading and talking through this as a group contact me about your interest via email or find me on facebook.

Pastor Bryan