Community Cookout

The back-to-school displays are popping up in every store, the grass is being cut less frequently, and your sweaters are starting to call your name from the closet.  However, don’t put summer out of your mind just yet because we still have one more cookout to enjoy.  That’s right, the 6th annual Community Cookout is taking place on Sunday, August 25th.  Some of you have already served by walking the streets of our church neighborhood, handing out invite flyers.  Others of you have already been assigned specific roles on the day of the event, and the rest of you…well, let’s just say there’s a sign-up sheet that will be going around at the Love Feast this Sunday, August 11th (Ah Hem).

Chris and I have been praying that God would be glorified through this event.  We pray that community members would attend the cookout for the free food, games, and prizes, but ultimately would walk away having seen Christ through the kind words, interactions, and servanthood of his bride, the Church.  In an effort to free up everyone’s time to show Christ’s love, we are eliminating the need for prepping/tending to/cleaning up sides and desserts.  We will still be grilling burgers and dogs, but then everyone will just grab a lunch sack that will contain chips, fruit, and dessert.  I know this is a big change, especially for the ladies, but we hope that the focus is less on food and more on Christ. Thank you, in advance, for being you…kind-hearted, willing servants of Christ.  We look forward to working with you all and to how God will work through this community event.

Chris and Michelle Erickson