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How We Can Help The Curtis Family

Hopefully you enjoyed the first edition of the church newsletter. Let me give a big thank you to Greg Wright and Roger Merritt for their work in putting this together.

As a pastor, I am very excited about the opportunity to speak into your life and focus your attention on various topics, including today’s topic: world missions.

Conrad Mbewe is a pastor in Zambia and has written on “How American Christians Can Help Christians in Zambia” over on the 9marks website. Though Pastor Mbewe specifically addresses how American Christians can help in his country, I believe these principles can also be applied more broadly to other African contexts including the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our church has a stake in the DRC, we support the Curtis family and their work at New Life Church in Lubumbashi.

Here are two principles from the article:
1) Learn the (Congolese) Culture — while there are many means to learning the culture, one cannot assume to have serious knowledge of a culture when they have never experienced it firsthand. Seth Curtis and his family have been our missionaries longer than I’ve been a pastor at Calvary (over 7 1/2 years), yet we have not experienced the Democratic Republic of the Congo firsthand. A trip by your pastors to the DRC will make a huge difference in this area and equip the church to better understand and, as a result, better help the work in the DRC.
2) Partner with the (Congolese) Church — the point here is to be involved with training up indigenous church leaders to continue to reach their own country and beyond with the gospel. This is exactly the desire of our missionaries in the DRC. And the reason he desires your pastors to come over and help. Seth wants to put your pastors to work and in doing so develop a partnership with our church that is deeper than our pocketbooks. It is my hope that our church will expand its heart to New Life Church in Lubumbashi, DRC.

How you can be involved right now:
1) Pray for the Curtis family, the New Life Church, and The raising up of indigenous leaders.
2) Give for your pastors to travel to Lubumbashi and both learn the culture firsthand and develop a partnership with New Life Church.
3) Learn about the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Curtis family. You can start by joining ujmLIVE on Facebook and follow the Curtis family.

Your Co-Laborer,
Bryan Heller
Pastor of Worship and Education

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