Gospel Life Biblical Counseling Services

God intends the church to be a place where hurting people can find hope and help. For this reason, at Gospel Life, we provide free biblical counseling to both those in our church family and in our community. Our counselors are trained to help others wisely navigate a wide variety of tough issues from marriage and family struggles to anger and depression.

If you are interested in learning more about biblical counseling or would like to set up an appointment, please contact our Counseling Coordinator at (815) 727-3130 or matthew.withers@glcjoliet.org.

Counseling FAQ’s

Why Biblical Counseling?

At Gospel Life, we believe that the Bible is more than just a collection of facts; rather it is a book about how people can be changed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Because of this conviction, we believe the best way to we can help people is by consistently and compassionately pointed them to the truth of God’s life-giving word.

What kind of concerns do people that come for counseling have? 

Over the years, those serving in Gospel Life Biblical Counseling have sought to provide care for those struggling with a number of issues. Some of the most common concerns that we have addressed would be marital and family problems, addictions, depression, anger and other emotional issues.

How long does counseling take? 

Each counseling session lasts around an hour and fifteen minutes. The total number of sessions required varies from case to case.

What can I expect from Gospel Life Biblical Counseling? 

First of all, you can expect us to lovingly and consistently encourage you to grow and change. We offer counseling at our church because we desire to show Christ’s love in action. Second, you can also expect us not to gossip. We are not interested in hurting people but in helping them, and for this reason we will not share information about your struggles with those who are not part of the problem or part of the solution.

What does Gospel Life Biblical Counseling expect from you? 

We ask that you be honest; our counsel with do little good if we are not hearing the real issues. We ask that you do weekly homework assignments; these are designed to encourage lasting change. We ask that you give us a little time; habits are not developed nor are they broken overnight. For a more thorough list of expectations contact the Counseling Coordinator at (815) 727-3130 or matthew.withers@glcjoliet.org.