GLC Gatherings until April

Our government is currently advising that gathering be limited to groups no greater than 10. We believe it is best to comply with our government as they seek to ensure our safety. (This is very different from governmental persecution that makes gatherings illegal). We are not cancelling our gathering though. Rather we are moving them to a new format.

Sunday AM Service: Below we are providing the song list for your family to find, play, and sing along to. We are planning to post the sermon live on GLC’s Facebook page so your family or friends can gather and watch together. 

  • Come Thou Fount (Jesus Fount)
  • Psalm 62
  • God the Uncreated One
  • Marvelous Light
  • Surrender All

ABF: Below we are providing the links to the video and the handouts so that you continue the study from your home with your family or friends. Please feel free to interact with others over social media, email, or text.

Sunday School: Kristi Lehamnn has created Sunday School in a Bag with all the necessary components to teach the lessons, learn God’s Word, and grow from home. We will be dropping these off at your home before Sunday. In case you do not have the Gospel Story Bible, a reading of this week’s lesson will be posted on GLC’s Facebook page.
Wednesday Gatherings: Below we are providing the link to the New City Catechism videos and a pdf of the study handout. All the necessary material to study and learn our catechism questions at home with your family and friends. Feel free to post thoughts from your study and even a video of your group quoting the Q&As.

Our desire in all of this is to both be faithful to our calling as a church while being wise in our choices and loving in our actions. These are not actions of convenience, but rather a temporary strategy … for as soon as it is wise and loving, we will be hosting these gatherings together again. Hopefully this time away from our normal gatherings will spark in us a longing to be with God’s people and a thankfulness for our gatherings together that we may otherwise take for granted. We also affirm that while meeting in these ways are not ideal, they are an attempt to kept the Christian Sabbath holy and show high esteem for the others gathering times set by GLC. The COVID-19 should not cause us to seek or want a break from church, rather it’s threat and lethality should awaken in us a greater appreciation for the eternal nature of the church, which even the gates of Hell will not prevail against.

For God’s Glory Through His Church,

Bryan Heller