Pastoral Vacation

I want to thank my church for the opportunity they provide for me to take a generous amount of time away from most of my pastoral responsibilities. It is a great blessing to me and to my family.

My wife and children have often made sacrifices of my time and attention and this is an opportunity for me to give myself back to them for a time.

This vacation is also a time for rest and refreshment for me, and for my family. They are usually serving alongside me at most church functions and events. While the resting mainly comes through a release from many of my pastoral responsibilities, the refreshing comes through the opportunity this release affords me to enjoy God and his creation in a much more unhurried way that I am normally accustomed to doing.

I get to enjoy God in his Word, differently. I get to enjoy him in his church, differently. I get to enjoy him in my family, differently. I get to enjoy him in the surroundings of nature, differently.

In the busyness of this year, I get a moment over these next few weeks to pause and enjoy him, both in his glorious personhood and through his gifts, in an unhurried, patient, and lingering way.

I cannot wait.

But I know that these weeks are not meant to last, nor would I be happy if they did. God has made man to work and further his kingdom through the specific callings he has given them. I hope to further his kingdom in my resting and refreshing, but I know that God has called me give the majority of my efforts to further his kingdom by gladly spending and being spent for Gospel Life Church.

It is a great blessing to be able to leave the church in good hands as God has raised up faithful men in it to serve and care for it.

Please pray for us as we pray for you. See you in September!

Pastor Bryan Heller