New City Catechism Study

Our next study in community groups on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm is the New City Catechism. If you’re unfamiliar with it you can pick up a copy at church or follow the link on our website:

My hope is that every member of GLC will embrace and participate in our efforts to learn the New City Catechism. I know everyone will not be able to attend every Wednesday evening. You may not be available to attend any of them, but you could still participate.

First, why is this important?

At the core of Christianity is a rock solid body of orthodox doctrine and a corresponding orthodox understanding of Christian living. One without the other is incomplete at its best and spiritually deadly at its worst. Both are necessary components to biblical Christianity.
The central doctrines of Christianity are sometimes referred to as “the fundamentals of the faith” and are often systematized for greater clarity and understanding. Historically, these fundamental doctrines were systematized into catechisms to teach them to the church. Both young and old participated in the process of catechism teaching that utilized a proven teaching method of questions and answers. The effects of the church understanding orthodox doctrine was their living out orthodox doctrine in everyday life. Doctrine changed their outlook on life and subsequently how they chose to live their lives became more biblical and Christian. This affirms a principle: for someone to live out a Christian life, they must know the fundamentals of Christian doctrine. Knowing the doctrines can not guarantee someone choosing to live more biblical, but it is a necessary step in the process. If this step is neglected, it will most certainly lead to an unbiblical and unChristian life. We should remember that a moral life is not the equivalent to a biblical and Christian life, rather a biblical and Christian life is one lived consistent with biblical truth. Therefore, learning a catechism of systematized biblical doctrine can help us live a more biblical and Christian life.

Second, what will we do?

Starting February 1st we will work through three questions a week. Since this is a multigenerational project, we are encouraging everyone to learn the children’s answers (adults are also encouraged to study the full answers on their own). On Wednesday nights at 6:30pm we will watch videos, have a lesson, and then break up into small groups to recite the answers to one another, talk about the significance of the answers, and to pray for one another. Those who cannot make it to Wednesday night can find a link to the New City Catechism’s videos, commentaries, and other resources on our website This way you can still participate in the catechism and interact with your brothers and sisters in Christ about it at other times throughout the week.

Catechism Schedule:
2/1 Introduction, Q1, Q2
2/8 Q3, Q4, Q5
2/15 Q6, Q7, Q8
2/22 Q9, Q10, Q11
3/1 Q12, Q13, Q14
3/8 Q15, Q16, Q17
3/15 Q18, Q19, Q20
3/22 Review or Make-Up

Bryan Heller