Covenant Sunday

In a few weeks we will be holding our first Covenant Sunday. This is a day set aside to celebrate and affirm the covenant we have made as members of GLC.

In preparation, we will be spending two Wednesday nights (1/18 and 1/25) studying our Church Covenant together.

Just as a highlight to the study, our church covenant is:
• a promise that each member has made to God, to our local church, and to ourselves.
• a summary of how we have agreed to live (distinct from our statement of faith which summarizes what we believe) and more importantly how we believe God would have us live.
• a sign of commitment. In a society that continually under emphasizes commitment to those things that truly matter, our church’s covenant is countercultural. Through our affirmation and adherence to it we demonstrate our commitment to God, to his church, and to personal holiness.
• a Biblical standard. It encourages us to apply a Christian worldview to every aspect of our lives. While not seeking to include every explicit command to be obeyed and scripture, it does seek to outline a life consistent with the Scriptures. At GLC, brothers and sisters in Christ exhort one another to live holy lives, encourage one another to fight and kill sin, and challenge any who would persist in sin.

I am honored to be part of such a covenant and look forward to studying and affirming it. I hope you will join me in commemorating our covenant promises.

Bryan Heller