How Do I Want To Get Old?

Getting old is unavoidable. As much as we wished it was otherwise we will continue to get older. Aging humanity has an affinity with the notion of halting this progress. Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth. J. M. Barrie created a place where Peter Pan could stay a boy. Alphaville cooed about being Forever Young. And a great number of plastic surgeons are making quite a lucrative life for themselves to keep people “looking” young. But aging continues and we have no say in the matter. It happens. Period.

Now, set aside Debbie Downer (sorry Debbie but you’re out). It is God’s plan, and it is a good plan. Aging reminds us of our frailty, but he is secure and strong. It reminds us that we have a limited amount of time, while God is timeless. It reminds us that we are of dust, while he is of eternal stuff (how would you describe the eternal essence of God?). We decay, and he sustains us. It’s a good plan that reminds us not just who we are, but who he is. He lets us grow, learn, change, be better. He gives us time to repent and act in faith. He lets us pass our knowledge on to others.

In God’s amazing plan, he give us a say in how we age. I want to age in a way consistent with Titus 2:2-5 not like Hebrews 5:11-14. Take a minute and read those texts. Which one do you want to be? The way I choose to live right now will help determine which text I resemble more.

What should I do then? Love and know God by reading his Word, then follow him by obeying his Word. Everything I do would be done to follow after God, so that I might be that old guy whose character resembles the gospel.
You cannot choose to stop getting old (nor should you want to — it’s God’ s great plan), but you are choosing right now how you get old. What are you choosing?