Community Involvement

We have a great opportunity to connect with our community this summer by volunteering at events held in downtown Joliet. This is a clear way our church can Give Out the Gospel. By being involved in our community, we are able to serve the community as representatives of Christ and build relationships that will lead to gospel opportunities.

The coordinator for downtown events, Sarah Strickland from Joliet City Center Partnership, wrote to us: “I am extremely excited to get GLC involved with Downtown Joliet events!” What an amazing opportunity. I hope you will consider helping GLC take advantage of it.

Nitro Night on July 9th – the city is looking for five volunteers at noon to help with setup and five volunteers at 10pm to help with takedown.NitroNite

If you are interested please contact Pastor Bryan by email ( or by text (815.582.7267). Just send him a quick note with your name and the time you would be willing to serve, such as: “Bryan Heller, Noon” It is that simple. He will then coordinate GLC volunteers with the city.

Two things:
1) Volunteers must be adults (i.e. 16 or older). Your whole family is welcome to attend the event.
2) Only say “yes” if you are committed to being there and being there on time. Remember, you are representing Christ and his church. To quote Yoda, “There is no try. Do or do not.”

Let’s do good, GLC, and may God receive the glory!