Meet the Hines Family

We are excited to have missionaries Ethan and Kindrea Hines along with their three children, Kyrin, Adelai and Corah in our services with us this Sunday.  The Hines’ are preparing to head to Lubumbashi, Congo to partner with our current missionaries Seth and Darla Curtis.

In order to introduce you a bit more to the Hines’, I asked Ethan a few questions about himself and their future ministry:

Q:  How did you come to know Christ?

I grew up as a “missionary kid” (MK) in The Central African Republic.  The Lord used His Word through the instruction of my parents to make me aware of my state of sin under the wrath of God.  At a young age God granted me the faith to really hear the Gospel, repent of my sin, and trust in Christ’s righteousness to pay my debt of disobedience.

Q:  What led you to pursue ministry in Congo?

Since my adoption into the family of God, He has put in me a growing desire to see Him worshiped by those who are in the state I once was.  For a long time now (greater than 10 years) I have had the desire to return to The Central African Republic (CAR) to minister the Gospel of Christ.  It has been within the last two years that the Lord has, for the time being, closed the door for ministry in CAR and opened a door for ministry in the Congo.  Our connection with Faith Global Ministries and the Curtis family has been used of God to direct us in the present course.

Q:  How did you get connected with Calvary?

Our connection with Calvary has come about through our involvement with Faith Global Ministries and the Curtis family, whom you support.  I met Bryan at the Congo Coalition meetings last fall, and recently reconnected and also met Ryan at the Together 4 The Gospel Conference.

Q:  What are you most excited about as you prepare to head to the field?

Sharing the Gospel to those who are currently enemies of God.  We are really excited for the opportunities that will be provided for that in Quebec City and then once we arrive in Lubumbashi.  Of course wherever we go we have these opportunities to testify to the glory and goodness of our God, and we have the confidence that He can and will miraculously transform the hearts of those whom He chooses.

We hope you will plan to join us this Sunday as we learn more about the Hines’ future ministry and hear from God’s word together.