A Letter to Mr. Overflow Seating

Dear Overflow,

I am very glad you are a part of our church at this moment in time. Your presence means that more people can attend our services, hear the sermons, participate in corporate worship, and enjoy fellowship with other believers. We would not minister to as many people or have as many opportunities for service without you. Our members learn how to serve God and others with you and learn that service takes sacrifice. God has gifted you to us for this time in the life of our church.

But honestly, you are not ideal. You are better than some other options. You are less divisive than Mr. Two Services, much more personal than Mrs. Satellite Site, and uphold the fire code more than Mr. Add-More Chairs. We would replace you in a flash with Mrs. New Building but we do not have the funding. She is the only one likely to replace you.

In light of this, let me mention a few things that could be better. At times you can be distracting to our members when you are cluttered or disheveled. Please make an effort to prepare yourself for service. Also, we encourage you to not let members under your care move too freely. The constant shuffling through your service, especially up and down the stairs is also distracting. And keep people in the halls quiet as your stairwell serves as an echo chamber adding to an already distracting atmosphere.

We know these new things will take some adjusting, but we will graciously remind you of them when necessary as we are much in debt to your service. Have no doubt, our members will be encouraged to treat you kindly and respectfully. It is our hope that they will make good use of you for the furtherance of God’s kingdom. May God receive all glory.

With Much Thankfulness For You,
Bryan Heller
Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church

PS – Pastor Ryan and his community group will be meeting with you this Sunday. They are a blessing, so we anticipate you enjoying your time together.