Children’s Bible Verse Memorization Program

If you are a parent of a 1st-6th grader, this information is especially for you.  One of our desires at Calvary is for our children to hide God’s Word in their hearts so that they might not sin against God.  This was previously done at Calvary during Calvary Kids.  Since the kids no longer meet on Wednesday nights at church for Calvary Kids, Sunday School is now the best place to encourage Bible memorization.  The 1st-6th graders will begin a Bible Verse Memorization Program on September 22nd.  They will be memorizing verses that coincide with their Sunday School lessons.  Parents, please encourage and help your child or children to memorize the verses; it would be great for you to memorize the verses with them.  The Sunday School teachers will also be memorizing the verses.  There will be a reward and recognition time, in your child’s class, at the end of the year.  On this Sunday, September 22nd, right after the church service, there will be a five minute meeting for all parents of 1st-6th graders.  You will be receiving a folder, one per family, with all of the verses that your child or children will need to memorize between September 29th and the end of December.
Kristi Lehmann