Heating and Cooling Project

In our Members Meeting this past Sunday we discussed a new project that we as a church body will be undertaking together in the next several weeks.  As many of you know the heating and cooling system that covers our auditorium is no longer working properly.  In fact, the furnaces that heat this area of our building are completely unusable.  What that means is that with the fall and winter months drawing near we will need to replace our heating and cooling system in the very near future.

After receiving bids from a number of heating and cooling contractors, we have determined that this project will cost a little over $8000.  Currently, we have $4000 in the building and maintenance portion of our budget that we can allocate to this project.  This means that we need to raise an additional $4000 in order to replace this system.

Our goal is to raise the money and have the work completed by mid-September before we typically begin running the heat in the building.  Raising this amount of money in a few weeks may sound daunting, however, if we all work together this project is very manageable.  For instance, if fifty of us each gave $80 we would raise the necessary funds.  I realize that not everyone may be able to commit to this exact amount.  Some may only be able to give a little but others of us may be able to give more.  What is important is that each of us prayerfully consider what the Lord would have us to do, and that we as a family of faith work together to support the ministry of our church.

If you would like to give to this project simply write “Heating and Cooling,” and designate an amount on your offering envelope.  Remember this is an additional expense that needs to be over and above your regular giving as we need to continue to fund the ongoing ministries of our church.  You can begin giving to this project immediately, and we will keep you posted as to our progress in our Sunday gatherings.

Yes, a furnace is a seemingly mundane thing, yet it is a way in which we as a church body can band together to support the ministry of our church for the glory our Savior.  The Lord has graciously given us a facility where we can do gospel ministry, and it is our privilege to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us.  I look forward to how the Lord will graciously provide through the sacrificial gifts of his people.

Pastor Ryan McCammack