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Church Matters

On August 11th, we will be starting a six-week ABF class entitled “Church Matters.” The purpose of this course is both to reaffirm our mission as well as pray, plan and dream about how we will pursue this mission by God’s grace in the future. But in order for this class to be successful, we need your help. Because of this we have structured “Church Matters” so that there are plenty of ways for you to get involved. Let me share a few.

First of all, you can share your ideas. In Week 1 of this class we are going to be brainstorming together about how we as a church family can more effectively Passionately Pursue the Glory of God by Gathering for the Gospel, Growing in the Gospel and Giving out the Gospel. You may have an idea about how we can improve a current ministry, or you may be burdened about

a completely new endeavor. Whatever the case, we desire to hear from you, and together prayerfully consider the Lord’s leading for the future.

Second, you can participate in a Prayer & Planning Group. In Weeks 2-6 of “Church Matters,” we will be dividing class participants up into groups to discuss, research and most importantly pray about some of the ministry ideas that arise out of our brainstorming session. Each group will be assigned one or two potential ministries to investigate and consider. Then in Week 6 of the class, each group will make a brief presentation of their findings. We want to encourage you to participate in a group that is talking about an area of ministry about which you are most burdened. We hope involvement in these groups will help our whole church family pursue of mission together in greater ways.

Third, you can lead or help lead a Prayer & Planning Group. Each group will have a leader who will be responsible to guide the group’s discussion and prayer times. For instance, in Week 4 of “Church Matters” the groups will have the entire class hour to pray and prepare for their presentation the following week. Group leaders will assist the group think through questions like, “How would this ministry further the mission of our church?” “Who would need to be involved?” and “What would be the potential obstacles?” If you are interested in learning more about group leadership there will be a meeting at 4:30 pm on August 4th. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

It is our prayer that the Lord will help our church be unified in our mission to exalt the Lord. We hope that this class we be one step towards that goal.