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One Small Step for Calvary…

You spoke and we listened. OK, it was more like you filled out a survey questionnaire and we tabulated and analyzed the results, but let’s not get technical. It was apparent that we needed to improve our communication with everyone, so this newsletter was one solution. Thank you for subscribing to Calvary’s first-ever e-newsletter. This may be a

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collector’s item, so be sure to hang on to this email.

Our hope is that through this newsletter you will be better informed on what is happening at Calvary. We will be including several things to help accomplish our purpose. Every week someone will be writing a post in this slot with the intent of ministering to the reader. We will be giving missions updates as the need arises so we can be better informed of what our missionaries are

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doing, and in turn develop a greater heart for missions. The upcoming sermon title and text will be included so you can preview the text and prepare for that week’s message. Events for the next few weeks will be included so that we can effectively plan our personal calendars around church events. We will have the list of who is supposed to serve in the nursery the following Sunday and who is teaching the children in the AM service hour to serve as a reminder for those who have this responsibility. It will include a few other things as well, and I’m sure as we continue to develop this we will think of more ways to utilize the newsletter.

We hope you will find this helpful as we seek to Passionately Pursue the Glory of God.

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